57370-00002-11 TESA Office Box adhesive film (10) transparent 15mm

SKU: 903573440009
Order Quantity: 1


  • Article no. 903573440009
  • Brand TESA
  • EAN 4042448035950
  • OEM Code 57370-00002-11
  • Color Transparent
  • Format Miscellaneous

The high-quality and transparent tesafilm® is suitable for adhesive work in the office and household. It is almost invisible on almost all materials and surfaces. The tear-resistant and strong adhesive film is used, among other things, for gluing envelopes, repairing torn paper, but also for wrapping gifts or decorating. The adhesive film can be used with the matching tesafilm® dispensers... and is available in clever office boxes, each containing several rolls. - Transparent - Good adhesive strength - Easy to unroll - High resistance to ageing - Versatile application

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