58800-00012-03 TESA Deco powerstrips (16) transparent 16piece bis 16x200gr

SKU: 903573440015
Order Quantity: 1


  • Article no. 903573440015
  • Brand TESA
  • EAN 4042448103895
  • OEM Code 58800-00012-03
  • Color Transparent
  • Format Miscellaneous

If you want to decorate your windows or mirrors indoors, the transparent tesa Powerstrips® DECO are the right choice. With their high adhesive strength, they hold decorative items weighing up to 200 grams on smooth and clean surfaces. Because the Powerstrips® are transparent, they can be attached almost invisibly and cleverly hide from view. The double- sided adhesive strips are... easy to attach and can be removed without leaving any residue. Thanks to their high UV resistance, the sun cannot affect their adhesive performance. In order for the tesa Powerstrips® to develop their full holding power, you should clean the surfaces thoroughly before application - preferably with window cleaner or methylated spirits; bathroom or all-purpose cleaners are not suitable. You should also press the Powerstrips® firmly onto the surface for at least five seconds and not touch the free adhesive surfaces with your fingers. With the support of tesa Powerstrips® you can decorate your home quickly and conveniently!

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