59408-00000-00 TESA Tack adhesive pad (72) transparent 72piece double-sided

SKU: 903573440020
Order Quantity: 1
  • Article no. 903573440020
  • Brand TESA
  • EAN 4042448366849
  • OEM Code 59408-00000-00

tesa® TACK are innovative adhesive pads and a clever alternative to magnets and drawing pins. The transparent, thin and double-sided adhesive pads allow light objects to be securely attached to walls, window panes or mirrors. Thanks to the superior tesa® adhesive technology, postcards, drawings or photos, for example, can be hung up quickly and easily. After application, the adhesive pads... can be removed (from suitable surfaces) without leaving a trace and can be reused. Note: To achieve maximum adhesive performance, the surface should be dust-free and dry.

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