ARMYTEK ELF C2 MULTI FLASHLIGHT 1100lm light range 105m MicroUSB+18650

SKU: 903658440001
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  • Article no. 903658440001
  • Brand ARMYTEK
  • EAN 6957713002651
  • OEM Code F05102C
  • Battery Type Lithium
  • Battery / Accumulator Size Portable Accumulator
  • Color Black

65 grams, 11.2 centimetres. That's all the Armytek engineers need to illuminate your view with 1050 lumens. The Armytek ELF C2 is the world's brightest headlamp with these compact dimensions. With a 18650 Li-Ion battery, you unleash 1050 lumens. Only an integrated temperature sensor makes it possible to redefine the limit of what is possible and not let the small... headlamp overheat despite its enormous light output. Robust and reliable design. The compact design of the Armytek Elf C2 combines lamp and battery compartment into a single, hermetically sealed unit. This not only makes the lamp shock resistant (up to 10 m drop height) and waterproof (up to 10 m water depth), but it can also be removed from the silicone holder in moments and used as a powerful torch. TIR lens ensures homogeneous illumination. With the Elf C2, you don't just illuminate a point in front of you, but illuminate your entire field of vision over a width of 120°. Without tunnel vision, you perceive your surroundings more completely at night. You not only see objects at a distance of up to 100 m (70° hotspot) but also the roots in front of your feet without your eyes having to adapt strongly and getting tired. This is not only an advantage when hiking or jogging, but also for industrial use in low light conditions. The Elf has a neodymium magnet in the end cap that allows you to attach the lamp to e.g. a car, electrical cabinet, or radiator. The side switch contains an indicator LED and lets you see the charge status of the battery as well as the temperature of the lamp. Charging function via USB connection. Recharge the supplied unprotected Li-ion battery directly in the torch via the micro USB connection.

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