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BNECDOC440 BAKKER CleanDoc 440 document holder transparent

SKU: 310664440032
  • Article no. 310664440032
  • EAN 8717399993067
  • OEM Code BNECDOC440
  • Color Transparent
  • Adjustable Manually

A full desk with documents everywhere left and right places unnecessary strain on the neck. The CleanDoc 440 document holder solves this. Our document holders are designed to prevent neck problems, so your work sessions are more efficient and pleasant. Working in alignment means that you have one single field of vision from keyboard to document to screen.... You don't have to turn and bend your neck unnecessarily. A document holder also increases productivity. You will have a functional work surface in front of you, resulting in a short viewing distance. The innovative CleanDoc 440 is easy to attach to any flat screen arm. And your workspace remains uncluttered, which makes it easy to clean the desk. Your work at the office will be efficient and done in a healthy way, and you will go home leaving a clean workspace behind

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