BNEPRF10 BAKKER PRF mouse 4buttons wireless right-handed scroll wheel black

SKU: 410664440118
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  • Article no. 410664440118
  • EAN 8719274672319
  • OEM Code BNEPRF10
  • Color Black
  • Features Right-handed

The PRF Mouse Wireless is an ergonomic vertical mouse. The angle of the mouse ensures the correct arm and wrist position. The shape of the mouse ensures the palm of the hand makes contact with the mouse correctly. This mouse is held in a handshake position. Using a traditional mouse can cause pain and discomfort in the shoulders,... lower arms and hands. A vertical mouse mostly prevents these problems. A mouse can cause injuries to the wrists, arms and shoulders. It is therefore important to choose the right mouse. The PRF Mouse has 4 conveniently placed buttons, a scroll wheel and a wide DPI range.

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