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BNEQDOC500 BAKKER Q-doc 500 document holder transparent

SKU: 310664440011
  • Article no. 310664440011
  • EAN 8717399990042
  • OEM Code BNEQDOC500
  • Color Transparent
  • Adjustable Manually

The Q-doc 500 adjustable document holder is placed between the screen and the keyboard, preventing unnatural head and neck motions. Working in alignment with the keyboard, document holder and screen is easier on your body. When your documents lie to the left or the right of the computer there is more tension in your body. A good ergonomic... workspace improves comfort and productivity by as much as 10%. The reading angle of the Q-Doc 500 is 30 degrees. This document holder is made out of clear acrylate and is strong enough to support heavy binders. You can store a full-size keyboard under the document holder.

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