BNEU950WUS BAKKER Ultraboard 950 keyboard US wireless QWERTY silver-white

SKU: 410664440117
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  • Article no. 410664440117
  • EAN 8719274671909
  • OEM Code BNEU950WUS
  • Color White
  • Features QWERTY
  • UltraBoard 950 Keyboard Wireless (US) - Wireless: The UltraBoard 950 Wireless is a wireless keyboard keyboard that is ideal for flexible and mobile and mobile working and home office - Compatible with Windows and macOS: The UltraBoard 950 Wireless supports the operating systems of both Windows and Mac. With the help of a combination of keys, you can easily switch... between switch between the Windows and Mac layouts - Rechargeable batteries: This keyboard includes rechargeable batteries that last approximately four and a half weeks before they need to be recharged. recharge. This means you don't have to to buy new batteries every time - Bright key colour: The dark letters on the light the light background of the keyboard make it easier to easier to read and also increase productivity. productivity - Ultra-thin: Its compact shape, but also its thickness" of only 19 mm makes the UltraBoard a very a very comfortable, compact keyboard
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