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  • Article no. 600529440004
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Expand your 3D scanning equipment with the DECAtracker BLUE with suction cup from AR-4U, specially designed for optimal use on smooth surfaces. These innovative trackers offer unparalleled flexibility and adhesion, ideal for scanning on glass, ceramics, polished metal and other smooth materials. The DECAtrackers with suction cup are the solution to challenges when scanning on non-metal surfaces or where magnetic... DECAtrackers cannot be used. They enable stable attachment without leaving any residue and therefore offer: ·,,Universal Applicability: Allows 3D scanning on a variety of smooth surfaces. ·,,Quick Installation: The suction cups allow you to attach the trackers easily and quickly without damaging the surface. ·,,High Precision: With 11 DECAmarkers on each tracker, they deliver excellent scanning results through stable positioning. ·,,Simple and Efficient: Thanks to the suction cup feature, the DECAtrackers BLUE can be easily attached and removed, making them an indispensable tool for quick scans in a wide variety of settings. Handling is extremely easy and requires no special prior knowledge. The DECAtracker BLUE with a suction cup is your go-to solution for expanding your 3D scanning options. Perfect for anyone needing to capture data on smooth surfaces, these trackers are versatile and effective. Discover a whole new level of flexibility in 3D scanning with the DECAtrackers with suction cup from AR-4U. They're designed to make modern scanning easier, giving you reliable, precise, and efficient data capture on almost any smooth surface. If you wish to use these 3D models with 3D and AR (Augmented Reality) views in your own online shop, please send us an email at . We offer you, your personalized QR code including your own LOGO and link into your own online store, completely FREE of charge. ·,,Items Included: 15 PCs of DECAtracker BLUE with Suction Cup ·,,Compatibility: Compatible with DECAmarkers AR Links: DECAtracker BLUE in 3D and AR views are available on your mobile device, just click this link or scan our QR code:

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