IBM MAGSTAR DC 3592 WORM 18P7538 without label 300/900MB

SKU: 210026440076
Order Quantity: 1
  • Article no. 210026440076
  • Brand IBM
  • EAN 0000435074881
  • OEM Code 18P7538
  • Content (Piece) 1
  • Format DC Miscellaneous
  • Capacity (MB) 300/900

The IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Drive 3592 is designed to provide fast data delivery and excellent storage capacity. To support this high capacity, the tape drive uses the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Cartridge 3592. The 3592 cartridge contains a half-inch dual-layer tape with advanced metal particles. This tape uses a high-quality coating that provides the signal and antenna density... margin to store extremely high data capacity - up to 300GB (up to 900GB with 3: 1 compression), far exceeding the capacity of most other tape media. The tape also features an ultra- smooth surface and a uniform magnetic layer less than 0.2 microns thick - both designed to help improve media reliability and tape drive processing times. Because normal wear and tear can affect media, the 3592 cartridge features significant improvements in tape cartridge design - such as improved locking pin, hub and clutch assemblies - to improve durability. The cartridge also minimises surface defects and uses a precise, timed servo formatting process to enable higher track densities without increasing error rates. With these design features, the 3592 tape cartridge can help better protect your mission-critical data.

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