INTENSO CDR80 700MB 52x (10) SC 1001622 Slim Case

SKU: 225180440001
Order Quantity: 1


  • Article no. 225180440001
  • Brand INTENSO
  • EAN 4034303001248
  • OEM Code 1001622
  • Content (Piece) 10
  • Packaging Type Slim Case
  • Capacity (MB) 700

Especially in the home, blank discs are often used to back up favourite music and photos, as well as films and important documents. The popular data media from Intenso are perfect for long-term and secure storage of your data collection. The CD-R blanks from Intenso with a capacity of 700 MB offer space for 80 min of personal favourite... music. With a capacity of 4.7GB, up to 2 hours of film material can be stored on the blank DVDs. The double-layer DVD blanks have twice as much storage capacity. In contrast to conventional recordable DVDs, Blu-ray discs even offer three to five times as much storage space for archiving film and video recordings.

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