RGOBRHESML R-GO HE Break mouse 5buttons left-handed with cable USB 2.0

SKU: 410729440040
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  • Article no. 410729440040
  • Brand R-GO
  • EAN 8719274491354
  • Features Left-handed
  • Manufacturer Guarantee 2 Years

The R-Go HE Break Mouse is an ergonomic vertical mouse with integrated break software. This smart mouse helps you remember when it's time to take a break. The ergonomic R-Go HE Break Mouse has a vertical position so you automatically move the mouse with your forearm instead of just your hand. This prevents overuse injuries, such as RSI complaints.... The HE Break mouse has a round shape so that your hand and wrist are in a natural, relaxed position. The mouse fits comfortably in your hand and supports all your fingers. Are you left or right handed? We have different versions and sizes available so the mouse fits any hand. The LED colour signals show if you are taking enough breaks and encourages you to work in a healthy way. These important breaks help prevent overexertion, stimulate circulation and keep you fit during the working day. When you use the mouse, an LED light built into it changes colour, like a traffic light. When the light turns green, it means you are working in a healthy way. Orange means it is time for a short break, and red means you have been working too long. Accordingly, you receive positive feedback about your work behaviour.

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